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Meet the Team

Husk was created through the clean and healthy eating habits of three former Australians. Meet the hands, brains and taste-testers that make up the Husk team.

Tesha Borin, Chief Creative Officer

It’s hard to sum up Tesha in one little bite sized paragraph because she’s such a big part of the Husk team and story. But, we’ll give it a go.

Baking extraordinaire. Pastry pioneer. Humorous, wholesome and a heart full of gold. As a professionally trained culinary and pastry chef, specializing in allergen-free recipe creation, Tesha is both a genius and a gift.

She’s already done many fancy and fun things, like founding Buku Café in Melbourne (a renowned 100% free-from café), and we are more than lucky to have her.

Alexandra Stone, Co-Founder

A former international fashion model. A champion for health. A loving mom. It seems natural that Alexandra would have great taste, which is why she’s in charge of it. That combined with her commitment to wellness, it’s a no-brainer that, Zand - as she’s know to loved ones - is the co-founder of Husk.

As an ambassador for getting more goodness in your life, Zand holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science and is a graduate of the School of Integrated Nutrition. A keen advocate for clean ingredients, she works closely with our master baker, Tesha, to deliver real and delicious gluten-free goods and ensure we’re always working towards our goal.

Nicholas Stone, Co-Founder & CEO

You might know this charismatic guy as the CEO of Bluestone Lane, but we also know him as the co-founder of Husk which he owns with his wife, Alexandra. A former professional athlete and finance professional and Founder & CEO of Bluestone Lane, Nick is passionate about living a clean and healthy life.

Nick’s responsible for making sure our goodness gets in your hands - meaning he keeps everything ticking along nicely.