Strawberry Vegan Protein Ball

Raw goodness, with all the health benefits and energy boosts you could ask for in one bite.

Bring on the berries!! No wonder the perfectly little heart shaped berry is just a superstar in itself. Strawberries are the powerhouse fruit, that not only promote heart health, but provided us with magnesium and potassium which is hard to find in everyday food sources. Combining these 2 classic flavors gives you an instant feel of summer and where we would rather be.

We have combined this very important fruit with dates, nuts and a gluten free super grain to help lower blood pressure and increase the good cholesterol in our bodies. Pre and post workout, a healthy snack or great gift bag goodie. Keep snacking healthy with 3 protein balls in each pack.

(GF/DF/NO ADDED SUGARS/V+ Added protein)


  • Almond Meal, Buckwheat Kernel, Dates, Coconut, Strawberry powder (freeze dried strawberry), Lime Zest/Juice) Coconut Oil, Water, Organic Protein powder (pea protein, hemp protein, Goji berry protein, whole ground coconut)
  • see pack for expiration. Generally lasts 6 months sealed

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